What to wear on a cruise

What to Wear onboard a Cruise During the Day

Carnival_deckchair The itinerary will dictate to a large extent what to take along on the cruise. For instance, if you are heading for colder climates like Alaska or Canada and New England, layering clothes is appropriate. Warmer destinations such as the Caribbean or the Mediterranean lend themselves to cooler choices such as light clothing and beach wear. Keep in mind that even though you may be in a warmer climate doesn’t mean a sweater wouldn’t be a nice option in the evening. Don’t forget that the Southern Hemisphere destinations such as most of South America and Australia have opposite seasons than North America. For example, if its summer in the United States, its winter in Australia.

Proper Attire for Restaurants onboard a cruise ship

The choice of restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner will dictate the best type of attire for the occasion. Early morning on the Lido Deck may mean casual dress but formal night or a dinner at a premium restaurant should be formal attire option. Check out the particular cruise line below for more details.

Dress Code for Cruise Formal Nights

While dark suits for men and pants suits for women may be a contemporary option on some cruise lines such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean, traditional types of cruise lines such as Holland and Azamara will have more of a representation of tuxedos and cocktail dresses for formal nights. Also destinations such as Europe tend to attract a more upscale casual wear on non-formal evenings.

What to Wear on While Ashore

Celebrity Cruises Comfortable shoes that are broken in are a must for shore excursions. It’s not the time to be looking for replacements for your old shoes and think you can do a three hour walking excursion without serious repercussions.   Sun Block is a must have item no matter the destination. Make sure to bring it from home as you may incur sticker shock onboard. Prices are somewhat inflated for sundries. Cooler climates such as Northern Europe, Canada and Alaska may require jackets and/or sweatshirts.

Photo Credits: Carnival Cruises, Celebrity Cruises

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