Royal Caribbean: Top Buying Considerations

Looking for Royal Caribbean discounts? Want to understand how Royal Caribbean stands out versus its competitors? Check out our best advice with our Royal Caribbean cruise tips below.

  • Ice Skating onboard Royal CaribbeanThere can be a disparity between the newer ships and the older ships. While this statement holds true on any cruise line, it is particularly apparent on Royal Caribbean. The new ships are so feature-packed that they are truly destinations in themselves (and this is not an exaggeration – on Royal Caribbean’s newest ships, you can’t get through all the available activities in a week-long voyage). The older ships (Royal Caribbean ships built before 2001) try to give the appearance of being slick like their newer cousins, however, simply slapping a rock-wall on the back of the ship doesn’t go nearly far enough to bridge the gap with the newer ships.  However, these older cruise ships are still great cruising experiences.
  • Secrets to getting the best price. Royal Caribbean offers discounts for age 55+, US & Canadian Military/Forces members, US & Canadian Law Enforcement/EMT/Fire Department personnel. Last minute discounting is available on Royal Caribbean, but, they are usually on a handful of low-season sailings and not on the popular ships, and, definitely not during the high travel seasons. Also, inquire about other discounts, including, Resident Rates and special rates for past passengers (Crown & Anchor Society members).
  • Alternative dining onboard Royal CaribbeanBook the alternative dining restaurants before you depart. The food on Royal Caribbean is good, but, most experienced cruisers would not say that cuisine is the line’s strength. However, the alternative restaurants (additional $10-$30 per person fee) are exceptional and you should make arrangements to dine once or twice at one of them during your cruise. Popular dining times and days fill-up quickly, so, securing your reservations online before you depart is a smart move.
  • Royal Caribbean’s Suites are excellent. Compared to the standard cabins, the suites on Royal Caribbean are fabulous – quite tasteful and luxurious. This is compared to competitive cruise lines (Carnival) where the suites are larger than standard cabins, but, are not significantly upgraded from standard cabins.

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