Disney Cruises: Top Buying Considerations

Disney_castaway_4Looking for Disney Cruise discounts? Want to understand how Disney Cruise Lines stands out compared to all the other cruise lines available? Check out our best advice for Disney Cruise Line cruise tips below:

  • Disney has only two ships right now but their fleet is growing.
  • Watch for specials that include Cruise/Disney Park combinations.
  • If you want some adult time, try the alternative restaurant onboard. There is a dress code and you have to be 18 to get in.
  • A Disney experience carries a premium price. If you are looking to keep costs down, see if you can put together a group for group pricing. That doesn't mean you have to hang around with each other all the time unless you want to. It's a big ship.
  • Disney doesn't have a casino but they have lots of Bingo. If you are not into gambling or it doesn't matter what the odds are at winning Bingo, you'll be fine.
  • Disney's private island, Castaway Cay (pictured above), is considered one of the best private islands that cruise ships visit. There are plenty of water sports (swimming, pedal boats, snorkeling), massages, good food, music and fun. Plus, this is the only private island where the ship pulls up to a dock -- makes it much easier to get to and from the island by not having to take a tender (life boat used to carry people to shore when the ship is at anchor).
  • While there are many adult things to do on a Disney Cruise, keep in mind it is a Disney experience that mainly targets the "peanut gallery" crowd. While some of the adult areas won't be as populated, there will be lots of kids around in most public areas.
  • Right now, soda is free on Disney Cruises unlike other cruise lines. If this is a major part of your budget at home, its worth considering as a plus for Disney Cruises.
  • Generally speaking, everyone is treated the same on the ship irrespective of where your cabin is onboard. So, booking the Penthouse Suite will not get you any better treatment while you are onboard than booking an inside cabin.