Using WiFi, Cell Phones and Internet on the Westerdam

You can access the internet on the Westerdam -- there is WiFi on the entire ship. There is also an internet cafe on the Westerdam.

The Westerdam does provide PC's in an Internet cafe (Explorations) on Deck 10(Observation Deck). However, if you want to bring your WiFi-enabled laptop, iPhone, PDA, etc., the entire ship is WiFi enabled. You can choose from the Holland America "pay-as-you" go rate for a one-time $3.95 activation charge, and, a 75¢ per minute rate. Alternatively, you can buy a block of non-refundable minutes for:

  • 100 minutes for $55.00
  • 250 minutes for $100.00.

You can make and receive phone calls and text messages (SMS) while onboard the Westerdam.

Cell phone roaming is enabled on the Westerdam, however, the system can be pricey as the price plans feature international roaming rates and data charges (this can be very expensive). Contact your mobile phone operator to ensure that your account is activated for international roaming and inquiry as to per minute rates and data charges.
As of August 2009, all the major US mobile operators as well as Rogers Wireless in Canada are available on the Westerdam. There are also several mobile operators whom are available on the Westerdam.

Using WiFi, Cell Phones and Internet on the Westerdam Tips:

  • Some free minutes may be offered the first day during embarkation. Check with the Internet manager for specific details.
  • It doesn't matter whether you bring your own computer or use the computers on the ship. The price is the same.
  • Think dial up speed when connecting on the ship. If you are sending emails, get all your writing done offline and then just connect when you actually send them.

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