Using WiFi, Cell Phones, and Internet on the Emerald Princess

You can access the internet on the Emerald Princess -- there is WiFi on the entire ship. There is also an internet cafe on the Emerald Princess.

The Emerald Princess is WiFi enabled throughout the ship. The Internet cafe does provide PC's. However, if you want to bring your WiFi enabled laptop, iPhone, or PDA, you can use the minutes you buy on your own device. Blocks of minutes can be purchased as follows. Please note that these rates include the 3.95 USD activation fee:

  • 120 Minutes (includes 20 bonus minutes for prepurchasing)... 72.95 USD
  • 240 Minutes (includes 40 bonus minutes for prepurchasing)... 102.95 USD
  • 460 Minutes (includes 60 bonus minutes for prepurchasing)... 162.95 USD
  • 680 Minutes (includes 80 bonus minutes for prepurchasing)... 202.95 USD
  • 1100 Minutes (includes 100 bonus minutes for prepurchasing)..252.95 USD

Prepurchased bonus minutes are available when you purchase your WiFi package of choice before you cruise.

You can make and receive phone calls and text messages (SMS) while aboard the Emerald Princess.

Cell phone roaming is enabled on the Emerald Princess however; the system can be pricey as the price plans feature international roaming rates and data charges (this can be very expensive). Contact your mobile phone operator to ensure that your account is activated for international roaming and inquiry as to per minute rates and data charges.

Since August, 2009, all the major US mobile operators as well as Rogers Wireless in Canada have been available on the Emerald Princess. There are also several mobile operators who are available on the Emerald Princess.

Using WiFi, Cell Phones, and Internet on the Emerald Princess Tips:

  • Platinum and Elite Captain's Circle Members get deals on minutes
  • WiFi signals are strongest in public places and O.K. in the cabins-if you leave your door open.
  • Think dial-up when you are wondering why you can drink most of your coffee before a page loads.
  • Plan on a 3.95 USD one time only activation fee when you purchase your WiFi minutes.

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