Using WiFi, Cell Phones and Internet on the Carnival Fantasy

You can access the internet on the Carnival Fantasy -- there is WiFi on the entire ship. There is also an internet cafe on the Carnival Fantasy.

Carnival does provide PC's in an internet cafe. However, if you want to bring your WiFi-enabled laptop, iPhone, PDA, etc., the entire Carnival Fantasy is WiFi enabled.

On the Carnival Fantasy, effective 9/19/15, you may choose one of the following plans for a 24 hour period of time, or for the length of your cruise! You may also opt to change plans whenever you like.

Social: For 5 USD per day, this plan is designed for access to social media including Instagram, Facebook, and What's App. This plan does not include complete internet use.

Value: At 16 USD per day, the Value Plan on the Canival Fantasy is great for web access. While this plan does not support Skype or music streaming, it's a good option for emailing and browsing.

Premium: This plan offers web access at triple the speed in comparison to the Social or Value plans. Skype is supported in allowed coverage areas. On the Carnival Fantasy, the Premium Plan is 25 USD.

Carnival Fantasy WiFi Need To Know Information:

  • On Carnival Cruises, VPN connections are not supported. It is recommended that you contact your IT department about this VPN limitation should you plan to work during your cruise. Carnival Cruises cannot change your settings when you are onboard the Carnival Fantasy.
  • Carnival Cruises does block access to video streaming sites including NetFlix and Hulu.
  • Carnival Cruises blocks access to sites that have violent and mature content.
  • Depending upon time of day and location, Carnival Cruises' satellite service on the Carnival Fantasy will vary in speed.
  • Your plan for WiFi use is for one devise only. Printing from a Carnival Cruises computer is free of charge.

You can make and receive phone calls and text messages (SMS) while onboard the Carnival Fantasy.

Cell phone roaming is enabled on the Carnival Fantasy. However, the system can be pricey; the price plans feature international roaming rates and data charges (this can be very expensive). Contact your mobile phone operator to ensure that your account is activated for international roaming and ask for per minute rates, per text message rates, and data charges. These costs are not cheap.

As of 2009, all the major US mobile operators as well as Rogers Wireless in Canada are available on the Carnival Fantasy.



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