Using WiFi, Cell Phones and Internet on the Carnival Dream

You can access the internet on the Carnival Dream -- there is WiFi on the entire ship.

Carnival Dream has 36 Fun Hub kiosks throughout decks 3, 4, and 5. Access to the Internet is fee based, but you can find out for free activities going on throughout the ship. You can also tap into the ship's social network. If you want to bring your WiFi-enabled laptop, iPhone, PDA, etc., the entire ship is WiFi enabled.

The cost of internet access onboard the Carnival Dream is as follows:

  • You can choose from the Carnival pay-as-you go rate for a one-time $3.95 activation charge, and, a 75¢ per minute rate.
  • You can also buy a block of non-refundable minutes at the following rates:
  • 480 minutes for $159 USD
  • 240 minutes for $89 USD
  • 120 minutes for $59 USD
  • 45 minutes for $29 USD

You can make and receive phone calls and text messages (SMS) while onboard the Carnival Dream.

Cell phone roaming is enabled on the Carnival Dream, however, the system can be pricey as the price plans feature international roaming rates and data charges (this can be very expensive). Contact your mobile phone operator to ensure that your account is activated for international roaming and inquire as to per minute rates, per text message rates and data charges -- the costs are not cheap.

As of August 2009, all the major US mobile operators as well as Rogers Wireless in Canada are available on the Carnival Dream.


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