Ryndam Pool and Sunbathing

The Ryndam has 2 pools, plus a pool with a waterfall in the "adult free" teen zone of the Club HAL Program. The pools are filled with freshwater. There are also fresh water showers provided so you can rinse off. Reportedly, the maximum pool depth is 3' 8" -- enough to take a dunk and cool off, but not really deep enough, or large enough, to swim in. Given this, the area around the pool is best suited for sunbathing.

The main pool area known as the "Retreat" consists of a main pool and a wading area and is located in the middle of the ship on the Lido Deck (Deck 11). A Sliding enclosure covers the main pool area. The main pool also features two oversized whirlpool spas. The "Seaview Pool" is located on the Navigation Deck (Deck 10) Aft. Typically, pool hours on the Ryndam are from 7 AM to 7 PM and whirlpools are open from 8AM to 10 PM.

The teens' area known as "The Oasis" has a pool that is located on Deck 13 (Sky Deck).

Ryndam Pool and Sunbathing Tips:

  • Babies & Infants in Pools: Holland America's official policy is "no swim diapers, children must be potty trained." Camp HAL stresses this point to all the families that bring their kids. We have not heard reports on whether the policy is strictly enforced.

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