Carnival Victory Pool, Water Slide, and Sunbathing

Carnival_pool_conquest_series_1The Carnival Victory has 3 pools, plus a small kiddy pool for wading that is part of the Camp Carnival program. The pools are saltwater, but there are fresh water showers provided. Reportedly, the maximum pool depth is 3' 8" -- enough to take a dunk and cool off, but not really deep enough, or large enough, to swim in. Given this, the area around the pool is best suited for sunbathing on 2 tiered decks.

The main pool is The Triton's Pool, which is located mid ship on Deck 9 (Lido Deck). The main pool features two oversized whirlpool spas and is positioned below the 270 square foot LED TV, which is Carnival's Seaside Theater. The TV runs most of the day and features sporting events, music videos, and, in the evening, movies. With a 70,000 watt sound system, there have been complaints that the TV can be quite loud. At the opposite end of the Triton's Pool is a stage where, during most hours of the day, there is some activity going on -- anything from a Caribbean band to a member of the ship's staff leading an activity or game. Typically, the Triton's Pool hours are from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Located behind the Carnival Victory's Mediterranean Restaurant on the Lido Deck (Deck 9) is The Sirens' Pool. The Sirens' Pool is enclosed under a retractable roof and features two oversized whirlpool spas. Typically, the Sirens' Pool opens at 8 AM and closes at 12PM. 

On Deck 10 (Panorama Deck) is "The King of the Seas", which features one oversized whirlpool spa. The pool is located overlooking the Triton's Pool and right next to the run-out for the water slide. Operating hours typically are from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Carnival_waterworksCarnival's Twister water slide is 214' long and the entry to the slide is located on Deck 13 (Sky Deck). The slide is 3-stories high and empties out into its own separate pool. The water slide typically operates from 10 AM to 5 PM and there is a 42" minimum height requirement.

The adults-only Serenity Deck is on Deck 12 (Sun Deck) and features reclining loungers and 2 whirlpool spas. There is no full-size pool in the Serenity area on Carnival Victory.

There is a children's wading pool in the Camp Carnival area of the Carnival Victory located on Deck 12 (Sun Deck).

Carnival Victory Pool, Water Slide, and Sunbathing Tips:

  • When arriving in the pool area, you will need to sign-out a towel for use around the pool area. There is a 22 USD charge per towel to your on board account for each towel you fail to return.
  • Babies & Infants in Pools: Carnival's official policy is "no swim diapers, children must be potty trained."  We have not heard reports on whether the policy is strictly enforced.
  • While Carnival does its best to discourage this, sunbathers do show-up at 8 AM and try to stake their lounge chair territory for the day.
  • The port side of the Lido deck near the pool does permit smoking. The rest of the deck is non-smoking.

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