Staying Informed on the Liberty of the Seas

The latest activities and events are presented through the Liberty of the Sea's newsletter, The Cruise Compass, which is placed in your room along with the towel animal of the day. The newsletter lets you plan your next day's activities. The Liberty of the Seas' Compass has an easy tear out portion called the "Daily Planner" which is a quick reference guide to the times and places of the various activities. Put it in your pocket for quick access. There is a "Cruise Channel" that gives the highlights of the ship and will feature certain activities that you may have missed.

Finally, the Cruise Director onboard the Liberty of the Seas is the emcee for the cruise who will be a public presence throughout the cruise will keep you apprised of ongoing activities." Club Ocean", "The Living Room" and "Fuel Teen Disco" are the homes for the various kids' activities. They have their own Daily Planner detailing specific times and places of the kids' events. It's available just outside the pick-up/drop-off areas for the kids and delivered to their cabins. A copy is also given out at orientation.

Tips for Staying informed on the Liberty of the Seas:

  • The Liberty of the Seas is handicapped accessible so you can get around to all of your activities.
  • Your "Sea Pass" is a card that works as your room key, boarding pass when you get back on the ship and your charge card for your onboard account. Keep it with you at all times. If you lose it, contact the Purser's desk immediately.

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