Staying Informed on the Carnival Imagination

Carnival_shopping2To stay informed of the activities on the Carnival Imagination, the ship's newsletter, the Fun Times, is delivered each evening to your room. This makes planning for the next day's activities easy. The Fun Times even lets you know what items are on sale in the gift shops. Also, many of the activities are listed on a schedule on a TV channel in your room.

The Cruise Director on the Carnival Imagination, who is the emcee and public presence throughout the cruise, will typically make announcements in the morning that are broadcast in the public areas of the ship and on a video channel in your room (provided you have the TV on and tuned to the appropriate channel).

For kids' activities, Camp Ocean has Camp Capers, which details kids' activities. Camp Capers are available just outside the pick-up/drop-off areas for the kids. Copies of Camp Capers are also given at orientation.

Check out a sample Fun Times.


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