Shopping on the Liberty of the Seas

The Liberty of the Seas' central gathering place is the Royal Promenade. Here, you'll find retail venues, as well as entertainment. The Royal Promenade, spanning four decks and running close to two thirds the length of the ship, is where most of your shopping options on the Liberty of the Seas are located. Three exceptions to this rule of thumb include the Sea Trek Dive Shop on Deck 11, the Photo Gallery and Shop on Deck 4, and the Surf Shop conveniently located nearby the Flowrider. Along the Promenade, you'll see an assortment of sundry items (suntan lotion, toiletries, candy, postcards, etc.), Royal Caribbean logo-wear, resort wear (casual clothing), jewelry, watches, books, liquor, and cigarettes. You can also stop by Ben and Jerry's, get a haircut, and enjoy espresso or pizza. There's also a wine bar, a pub, and a champagne bar located along the Promenade should you care to indulge. Here's a list of intriguing places where you'll find a variety of items for purchase on the Liberty of the Seas:

Shopping Along the Royal Promenade, Deck 5:

The Royal Promenade features:

  • The Fashion Boutique is an excellent place to find apparel and accessories a cut above the typical souvenir sweatshirt!
  • The Perfume Shop carries a variety of colognes and perfumes as the name suggests, including brand names such as Chanel.
  • Logo Souvenir Shop is where you'll find apparel and accessories sporting Royal Caribbean labels.
  • The Gift Shop carries a variety of souvenirs, from key chains and Christmas ornaments to T-shirts with logos.
  • Visit the Jewelry Store for those dazzling accessories and cruise mementos!
  • Get Out There is a great place to find sports apparel.
  • A Clean Shave is the men's salon onboard the Liberty of the Seas.
  • Go to the General Store for all of life's little necessities you may have accidentally left behind as well as other sundry items that just make life a little nicer.

About Shopping on the Liberty of the Seas:

When shopping onboard the Liberty of the Seas, bear in mind the fact that prices are all over the spectrum -- great on liquor and cigarettes, generally good on watches, and expensive on sundry items. And, when the ship is at sea, you will not have to pay a sales tax -- purchases are duty free.

Also popular is the "Art Auction At Sea" where you can purchase collectible art while onboard the Liberty of the Seas.

Liberty of the Seas Shopping Tips:

  • Freedom Class Royal Caribbean ships do feature a Surf Shop located nearby the Flowrider!
  • The liquor deals are excellent. However, keep in mind the limits on what you can bring back into the country per US Customs regulations. Also, liquor bought at the on board store cannot be consumed during your cruise -- you will be given the liquor you purchased during disembarkation.
  • No, you can't bring Cuban Cigars back into the U.S. if you are a U.S. Citizen, even though you can buy them in a foreign port. You can, however, smoke them in appropriate areas on the ship.
  • While not a guarantee, many items go on sale on the last day of the cruise.
  • Reportedly, several companies that run art auctions onboard cruise ships will provide an appraisal with their art that will lead you to believe that you are getting very good value. Some people do find the appraisal methods questionable. -So, if you are inclined to buy art at one of these auctions, we suggest that you never purchase with the intention of making a profit. When you buy art to suit your taste, and stay within your budget, you'll likely avoid that ripped off feeling!
  • ATMs are available on the ship. There is a fee in addition to your bank charges.

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