Shopping on the Carnival Imagination

Carnival_shopping2The Carnival Imagination's Fun Shops are located on Deck 8 (Atlantic Deck). Available for purchase are an assortment of sundry items (suntan lotion, toiletries, candy, postcards, etc.), Carnival logo-wear, resort wear (casual clothing), jewelry, watches, liquor, and cigarettes. The prices are all over the spectrum -- great on liquor and cigarettes, generally good on watches, expensive on sundry items. And, as the ship is at sea, you will not have to pay a sales tax -- purchases are duty free.

Art Auction at Sea on the Carnival Imagination

Also popular is the "Art Auction At Sea" where you can purchase collectible art while aboard your cruise.

Carnival Imagination Shopping Tips:

  • The liquor deals are excellent. However, keep in mind limits on what you can bring back into the country per US Customs regulations. Plus, there are certain state limitations. Texas in particular, is state limited provided you are a resident of Texas. Also, liquor bought at the onboard store cannot be consumed during your cruise -- you will be given the liquor you purchased during disembarkation.
  • No, you can't bring Cuban Cigars back into the U.S. if you are U.S. citizen.
  • While not a guarantee, many items go on sale on the last day of the cruise.
  • Read the Fun Times for daily special sale items (watches, gold by the inch, etc.) featured in the stores. Read our article entitled "Shopping Onboard A Carnival Cruise" for more helpful advice.
  • Reportedly, several companies that run art auctions onboard cruise ships will provide an appraisal with their art that will lead you to believe that you are getting very good value. There are those with opinions that the appraisal methods are questionable. So, if you are inclined to buy something at one of these auctions, a common sense approach to avoid feeling like you got ripped off is to never buy thinking you will make a profit, buy the art because it suits your tastes and budget.
  • Each member of your family has a Sail and Sign card. This card acts as a credit card as well as a room key. That also means each kid-unless the parent takes care of the card for the child- has access to charging privileges. It is worth it to check the account periodically if you suspect one of the kids may have abused this privilege.
  • If you or one of the kids has trouble keeping track of that Sail and Sign card, go to the Fun Shops and buy a plastic holder with a lanyard. Place the card inside the plastic holder and you are good to go. For extra security, stop by the Purser's Desk and get a hole punched in the card to slip through the security ring that attaches the lanyard.

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