Finding a Quiet Place on the Liberty of the Seas

It's easy to stay active on the Liberty of the Seas, but for some of us, a vacation isn't really a vacation unless it includes peace, quiet, and a very good book. When that mood hits on your Liberty of the Seas' cruise, we suggest:

  • the Library/Card Room- mid ship on Deck 10
  • the Solarium- forward on Deck 11
  • Viking Crown Lounge and Olive or Twist- forward on Deck 14
  • Helicopter pad area- forward on Deck 5 and accessible by stairs on Deck 4
  • Usually before 9:00 AM, most of the public areas (save the pool areas) are not crowded.
  • the Liberty of the Seas is fairly empty when at port... and this is a GREAT time to seek out spa discounts for some real R&R!




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