Finding a Quiet Place on the Carnival Imagination

As a Fun Ship, the Carnival Imagination cruises most definitely include activities every day and well into the evening. -But when all you really want is a quiet place to reflect or read that novel you brought along for your vacation, you have those options on this wonderful ship, too. We suggest:

  • The Curiosity Library- located starboard, just behind the Grand Atrium on Atlantic Deck
  • Mirage Piano Bar (until the start of afternoon tea- 3:30 PM)- port side and just aft of the Grand Atrium
  • Serenity Retreat-  aft on Promenade Deck.

Quiet Place on the Carnival Imagination Tip:

  • Usually before 9:00 AM, most areas are not crowded. And on most days, you can find a quiet corner inside without much effort, even on a full ship.
  • When at port, the Carnival Imagination is far less populated.

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