Diamond Princess Main Dining Rooms:

The International:

Princess_dining_chef_demoAft on Fiesta Deck, the International Dining Room on the Diamond Princess provides traditional reservations only dining in classic elegance. You may select early dinner at 5:30pm, or late dinner at 7:45pm. Here, Princess assures you the same server throughout your cruise! All dining rooms offer main menu items, but each also has thematically individualized signature selections. The International, in addition to the standard menu, serves excellent prime rib, escargot, and Beef Wellington. 

Anytime Dining is available in the Pacific Moon, the Savoy, the Santa Fe, and the Vivaldi Dining Rooms from 5:30pm to 10:00pm on select cruises.

The Pacific Moon:

With its moon shaped light sculptures and dark wood accents, the Pacific Moon Dining Room on the Diamond Princess pulls Asian themes into play. The overall effect is a very upscale and unpretentious. The Pacific Moon is the place to find Mandarin Duck, Tiger Prawns, fresh sushi, spring rolls, and pot stickers. The Pacific Moon is located on Fiesta Deck, and receives great guest reviews for food quality and staff service.

The Santa Fe:

Stone floors and room dividers, pottery, and lantern lights celebrate southwestern art in this dining room. The Santa Fe Dining Room on the Diamond Princess offers the main dining room menu, but also prepares guacamole for you table side. If you enjoy spicy catfish, you will love this venue on Fiesta Deck.

The Savoy:

Rich wood paneling, sculptures, and sconces are part of the enchantment of this classically elegant dining room. The Savoy Dining Room on the Diamond Princess is located port side and aft on Plaza deck. One of the Savoy's signature dishes is the prime rib, and it is superb!

The Vivaldi:

Etched glass and ivory accents create an atmosphere commemorating this 17th century Italian composer. In keeping with her theme, the Vivaldi Dining Room on the Diamond Princess serves Italian dishes to include ravioli and foccacia! This restaurant also has reserved dining at 6:00pm. The Vivaldi is located starboard and aft on Plaza Deck.

Cuisine in the Main Dining Rooms on the Diamond Princess:

Shrimp Cocktail, Eggplant, Duck, Lobster and Seafood Pate, and melon are among appetizers on the dinner menus. Soups and salads include Tortellini and Spinach Soup, Mushroom Soup, Watercress, and Caesar Salad. Steaks, baked chicken, Sauteed Red Snapper, Surf & Turf, lobster, and Tiger Shrimp exemplify main entrees. Desserts on the dinner menus include fresh fruit, Bananas Foster Flambe, ice cream, chocolate cake, and cheeses. There are also savory selections for vegetarians and for the health conscious. All dining rooms have open seating for breakfast and lunch. Entrees at lunch include a couple of late breakfast items, as well as appetizers such as turkey breast on a bed of greens, mussels, vegetable soup, and basic salads with home-made dressing choices. Burgers and fries, pasta, Philly Steak Sandwiches, and veggie burritos represent main entree choices.

+++ Sample dinner menu for main dining room on Diamond Princess

Guest Reviews of the Diamond Princess' Main Dining Rooms:

  • Staff service is outstanding on Diamond Princess.
  • Diamond Princess' main dining rooms receive strong positive guest reviews for food quality and variety as well as for staff service.
  • Send us your review of the Diamond Princess Main Dining Rooms! We need your thoughts on what you liked about the restaurant, and, what you think could be improved. Use the form at the bottom of this page to let us know your impressions.

Tips for the main dining rooms on the Diamond Princess:

  • Some guests have indicated the International Dining Room can be difficult to locate. To save time and prevent confusion, we suggest you use the aft elevator or staircase, and then continue walking to the aft of the ship.
  • Reservations only seating is also available in the Vivaldi, but only at 6:00pm. Anytime Dining occurs in all other dining rooms from 5:30pm to 10:00pm on selected cruises.
  • All of the main dining rooms have similar dinner menus which vary daily. However, if there is a specialty item in one of the restaurants that you want, it can be served in any one of the restaurants.
  • Lunch in the main dining room is available on sea days and at selected ports.
  • Breakfast is served from 7:30am to 9:30am, and lunch is from noon to 2:00pm. For reservations only dining in the International, early dinner is 5:30pm, and late dinner is 7:45pm. You may also make dinner reservations only at 6:00pm in the Vivaldi Dining Room. Unless you have opted for Anytime Dining which occurs as you wish from 5:30pm to 10:00pm, you will need reservations for dinner. It's perfectly acceptable to change your mind once aboard the Diamond Princess, but we do suggest you notify staff of your wishes as early as possible. You may make reservations after booking your cruise by contacting Princess at www.princess.com or call 800-774-6237. Contact Princess for any changes you wish to make no later than 3 weeks before sailing, but keep in mind that changes must be honored on a first come, first serve basis. After changes have been requested and when you are aboard ship, confirm with your Maitre D' within your first 24 hours, and staff will as much as possible try to accommodate you.
  • For special dietary concerns, Princess needs your requests in writing no later than 6 weeks before you sail, and these requests need to be confirmed once you're aboard with the Maitre D' within 24 hours. Go to the Cruise Personalizer on the Princess website to specify dietary preferences.
  • Bare feet, jeans, shorts, tank tops, and swim wear are not permitted. For gentlemen, smart casual such as slacks and polo style shirts are more appropriate at dinner time. For formal nights, you'll be most comfortable in elegant attire.
  • Meals are no cost, but special beverages, wines, beer, and soft drinks may be purchased via current bar menu.
  • When ordering steaks and other meats, specify your grilling preference.

Princess Cruises Anytime Dining on the Diamond Princess

Anytime Dining is available in the Pacific Moon, the Savoy, the Santa Fe, and the Vivaldi Dining Rooms from 5:30pm to 10:00pm for dinner. After booking, specify your selection for Anytime Dining or traditional evening reservations. Once aboard, you may opt to call in your reservations for Anytime Dining in the morning, or just show up. However, on your cruise, the themed dining rooms are extremely busy during peak hours, and you'll avoid wait time by making daily reservations. Check out our article on Princess Cruises Anytime Dining for additional information. Please note that Anytime Dining is not an option on sailings that depart from Japan.


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