Carnival Fantasy Organized Activities, Lectures & Games

Carnival Fantasy features a variety of activities throughout the cruise to keep you busy and entertained. Onboard the Carnival Fantasy, they range from lectures about the upcoming ports of call, to wine tasting classes, gambling "how to" classes, and bingo. The"Newlywed Game" style game shows can be really entertaining as they mix newlyweds with not-so-newlyweds! Also, there are a whole host of poolside games onboard Carnival Fantasy that the staff of Carnival has dreamt-up over the 4 decades they have been sailing the seas.

Prizes for the winners range from cash and champagne to genuine imitation plastic gold model ships. Yes, some of the "lectures" do have a retail / infomercial feel to them (how to buy jewels, which shore excursions we offer, etc.).

The best way to find out what is going on for the day is to read the Fun Times.


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