In-Between Meals on the Splendour of the Seas

Boardwalk Doghouse:

Open for lunch and dinner, the Boardwalk Doghouse on Splendour of the Seas serves a variety of links, including classic hot dogs and brats with you choice of toppings! Food is no additional cost, but specialty drinks, soft drinks, wine, and beer are available at current menu prices.


This is your connection for Seattle's Best Coffee and the coffee menu is complete with lattes, coffee, cappuccinos, espressos and other specialty coffee drinks found at Seattle's Best Coffee stores on land. Specialty coffees, cookies, pastries (guest reviews say they are very good), beer and wine are also available at Latte-tudes on Splendour of the Seas at current menu prices. Opening hours for Latte-tudes are listed in the Cruise Compass.

Solarium Cafe:

Healthy snacks are available on Deck 9 of the Splendour of the Seas include juices, fruit, cookies, and yogurt!


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