In-Between Meals on the Liberty of the Seas

Sorrento's Pizza:

Starboard, you'll find pizza, salads, seafood, grilled vegetables, and deli sandwiches at Sorrento's Pizza on the Liberty of the Seas. This restaurant receives great reviews! Beverages and food are at current menu prices, and you'll need to check onboard for hours open.

Cafe Promenade:

This is your connection for sandwiches, pastries, pizza, fruit, Seattle's Best Coffee and the coffee menu is complete with lattes, coffee, cappuccinos, espressos and other specialty coffee drinks found at Starbuck's. Specialty coffees and drinks available at the Cafe Promenade are at current menu prices. This sidewalk cafe is located port side and aft on Deck 5 of the Liberty of the Seas.

Johnny Rockets:

Royal_dining_johnnyrockets2Starboard aft on Deck 12, in retro '50's atmosphere, enjoy burgers and fries at Johnny Rockets on the Liberty of the Seas among other diner treats for 7 USD. If you haven't heard of them, Johnny Rockets is the land-based hamburger chain that is a feature of many major tourist destinations. As far as hamburgers go, Johnny Rockets on Royal Caribbean are some of the best you will find at sea (the milk shakes and fries are rather good as well). The whole Johnny Rockets experience is fun -- from the individual jukeboxes and old-fashioned soda-fountain straw stands at each table to the waitstaff and cooks who regularly get up and dance to certain songs from the '50's and '60's, Johnny Rockets is a great addition Royal Caribbean.

The Cupcake Cupboard:

Starboard on Deck 5 of the Liberty of the Seas, The Cupcake Cupboard is THE place to go on this ship for those delicious treats. For 3 to 5 USD per cupcake, you have your choice of basic goodies such as chocolate and vanilla, as well as a range of fanciful concoctions to include banana and Key Lime flavors. The Cupcake Cupboard also teaches cupcake decorating, and these extremely popular classes are 22 USD per person. We do recommend that you reserve your cupcake class as soon as you can, because these classes are very much in demand!

Ben & Jerry's:

At Ben & Jerry's, located just forward of The Cupcake Cupboard on Deck 5 of the Liberty of the Seas, enjoy scoops of your favorite ice cream! Prices range from 3 to 5 USD.


This soft serve ice cream station, located near the pools on Deck 11 of the Liberty of the Seas, offers basic (but complimentary choices) (strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla) that you serve yourself.


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