Westerdam Workout Room (Gym), Jogging Track, Yoga & Aerobics

The jogging area on the Westerdam is on Deck 3 -- the Promenade Deck and the gymnasium is located on Deck 9 (Lido). The gymnasium is accessed via the Greenhouse Spa front desk. There is a hallway on the right side of the Greenhouse Spa check-in that leads to the Men's and Women's locker and shower area before entering the gym area.

The hallway on the left side of the Greenhouse Spa leads directly to the gym. Access to both facilities is included with the cost of the cruise. There are men's and women's locker rooms and showers you may use in the Westerdam's Greenhouse Spa. Aerobics, Pilates, cardio Ki-Bo circuit training and yoga classes are available for a modest fee -- check the Daily Program or with the Greenhouse Spa front desk for scheduling information.

Westerdam Workout Room (Gym), Jogging Track, Yoga & Aerobics Tips:

  • Points can be awarded and prizes won for exercising on a daily basis.
  • 3 laps around the track equals one mile
  • The Susan G. Komen "On Deck for the Cure "Walkathon is an ongoing partnership with Holland America for a breast cancer cure. Get in shape and make a donation all at the same time.

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