Gratuities / Tipping on the Emerald Princess

Tips on the Emerald Princess are automatically charged to your shipboard account (Cruise Card Account) unless you make alternative arrangements with the Guest Services desk. Tipping guidance is as follows:

The total amount is $13.50 per guest, per day for regular cabins, $14.50 for mini-suites and club class, and $15.50 per guest, per day for suite passengers. For bar charges, spa services, and dining room wine, fifteen percent of the bill is automatically added to the Cruise Card charge. Room Service staff may be tipped at your discretion. Tipping your maître d' of your dining room is at your discretion. You should tip if you received special attention or services from the maître d'.

Some additional thoughts about tipping on the Emerald Princess:

  • If you are putting your kids any of the Youth programs and they have a great time, you should consider tipping the Youth Director. The youth staff works extra hard at making certain your kids have a great time, and, if your kids' experience finds that to be true, it is appropriate for you to show your consideration to the staff. As Princess doesn't have a formal system or guidance for tipping the Youth Staff, you will need to bring cash for this tip. Our tip guidance is $5 per day, per child. Make certain that the Youth Director understands that the tip should be shared among the staff. You will be one of the few who tip the youth staff and they will usually be sincerely appreciative.
  • You can prepay the standard tip. However, the people that go above and beyond should be tipped a bit more. On the last day of the cruise, there will be a request for tips and envelopes provided. Our cabin steward went out of his way to make out 3 kids feel special and took a picture of our family. Our staff in the dining room knew exactly what our choice of beverages was after the first night. These people should be tipped accordingly.

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