Carnival Imagination Children's / Teens' Programs & Babysitting

Carnival_camp_1The Carnival Imagination offers outstanding kids' and teen programs! From interactive rhyming sing along times to special showings of movies including THE CAT IN THE HAT at the Seaside Theater, Carnival Cruises' Seuss at Sea will delight children of any age. Seuss Bookville story times, conga dances down the Promenade with the Cat in the Hat and other Seuss characters, and Seuss inspired art, crafts, and toys are all part of the fun for your child on your Carnival Cruise!

For the two to five year old set, Zumbini is glorious fun! Zumba and Babies First created this experience of activities, Zumbini music, dancing, and more! A free thirty minute Zumbini class is available on all cruises. For cruises six days and longer, a Family Zumbini class is offered!

Youth groups are divided based on age. Club O2, located mid ship on Deck 9 (Promenade Deck), is the meeting place for ages 15-17. Circle "C", situated mid ship on  Deck 8 (Atlantic Deck), provides activities for the 12-14 crowd. Camp Ocean Child Development Center takes excellent care of the youngsters with age appropriate divisions. Camp Ocean on the Carnival Imagination is located on Deck 11 (Verandah Deck), Penguins (ages 2-5), Stingrays (ages 6-8), and Sharks (ages 9-11) each boast their very own Camp Director and dedicated space. Age appropriate planned activities are provided throughout the cruise.

Carnival Imagination Children's / Teens' Programs Tips:

  • For a detailed overview of the Camp Ocean youth program, what to expect, costs, late night babysitting services, slumber parties, child care, when the Carnival Imagination is in port and parents who want to go into port and leave the kids in child care, click here.
  • Club O2 Fun Times and Circle"C" Times are handed out by their respective Directors at the beginning of the cruise.
  • Sign up for all groups is the first night. Club O2 and Circle"C" groups can come and go as they please. It's a good idea to set up a meeting point or a buddy system after an activity is over. Camp Directors for these groups will escort as needed.

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