Picking the Best Cabins on the Westerdam

A deck-by-deck analysis of the Westerdam's best and worst cabins.

Looking for the best cabins on the Westerdam? Want to find the cabin with a little larger balcony than most? And what about staying away from undesirable cabins on the Westerdam? How do you avoid the worst cabins on the Westerdam?

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Westerdam Best & Worst Staterooms: Summary

Best Cabins onboard the Westerdam: staterooms on Deck 7 --the Rotterdam Deck. Decks 5 and 6 also have very nice staterooms.

Cabins to be wary of onboard the Westerdam: staterooms on Deck 4- Upper Promenade Deck.

Deck-by-Deck Breakdown of the Best and Worst Cabins onboard the Westerdam

Deck 1 -- Main Deck

Cabins on Deck 1 of the Westerdam have Lower Promenade just above, and noise could be a factor from the casino, bars, and lounges. Additionally, the cabins forward on the Holland America ms Westerdam have some buffer to the main lounge, but are relatively close. All this said, budget minded travelers will find some of the roomiest inside cabins on this deck!

  • On the Westerdam's Deck 1, F1001 and F1002 are larger than average, but are also most forward of the cabins on this deck and hence closest to the main lounge action. If noise is a concern, we suggest you consider purchasing a wave machine (a sound device available at a specialty retailer like Brookstone -- produces pleasant sounds that can wipe out the unpleasant sounds), bringing along earplugs, or reserving a cabin on a different deck.
  • Westerdam's Main deck cabins F1001 through E1127 may experience noise from the public areas just above.
  • Exterior cabins F1001-E1127 all have ocean views on the Westedam's Deck 1.

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Deck 4 -- Upper Promenade Deck

***CruiseAdvice.org Warning***

Some cabins on this deck with potential problems

Along the entire Upper Promenade Deck, be aware that the main drag of the ship is right beneath your feet -- including some areas that stay fairly noisy into the wee hours. This includes the Stage, Bars, Shops, Casino, and aft main dining room.

  • Arguably, any cabin numbers from the middle to the aft of the Westerdam's Deck 4 (cabins VD4043-VD4159) might have significant noise coming from the late night action below. Once again, you may consider reserving a cabin elsewhere on the ship, bringing along earplugs, or investing in a wave machine.
  • Deluxe Verandah Suites SC4180 and SC4185 are quite spacious and have great ocean views on the Upper Promenade Deck of the Westerdam.
  • Aft on the Westerdam's Deck 4, Verandah Staterooms VA4176, VA4174, VA4179, and VA4181 are larger than average and have beautiful ocean vistas.
  • Aft Verandah Staterooms VB4178 and VB4183 are average sized, but share the same lovely ocean view as the neighboring larger suites on the Westerdam's Deck 4.
  • When reserving a cabin on the Westerdam's Upper Promenade Deck, make sure you are not making reservations for a stateroom with partially obstructed if not completely obstructed views if this is important to you. This deck has numerous exterior cabins with obstructed views.
  • While we are certainly not suggesting this deck should be avoided, some of the worst cabins on the Westerdam are on Upper Promenade Deck!

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Deck 5 -- Verandah Deck

Deck 5 of the Westerdam is going to be relatively quiet because the decks just above and beneath are also cabin decks. From SY5001 forward on this deck to SC5191 aft, Verandah deck's exterior accommodations feature lovely ocean views!

  • At roughly 389 square feet, Superior Verandah Suites are well over 100 square feet larger than Verandah Staterooms. SY5001 and SY5002 are such suites, and are located forward on the Verandah Deck of the Westerdam. Unless there s a tailwind, be warned that these verandahs are likely to be quite breezy!
  • Verandah staterooms VF5140, VF5137, VF5051, and VF5054 are wheelchair accessible on the Westerdam's Deck 5.
  • Best picks for the Westerdam's Verandah Deck are aft. Most spacious of all with great ocean views are Deluxe Verandah Suites SC5190 and SC5191.
  • If space isn't an issue but great ocean viewing is, we also suggest VA5184 through VA5189 on Deck 5 of the Westerdam!

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Deck 6 -- Upper Verandah Deck

Once again, here's a deck with cabins on the decks just below and above. Deck 6 cabins will be quieter than other locations on the Holland America ms Westerdam!

  • Forward on the Westerdam's Deck 6, VA6003 and VA6004 are wheelchair accessible.
  • There are several Deluxe and Superior Verandah Suites (SZ6052-SZ6117) on Deck 6 of the Wetserdam. Of these, SS6108 has wheelchair accessibility.
  • This Westerdam's Upper Verandah Deck has some prime space and ocean views aft of the ship (Deluxe Verandah Suites SC6166, SC6164, SC6175, and SC6177).
  • Also aft in a nice neighborhood, VA6162 and VA6173 have incredible ocean views on the Westerdam's Deck 6.

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Deck 7 -- Rotterdam Deck

***CruiseAdvice.org Favorite Deck ***
Highly rated by our cruise experts!

The Rotterdam Deck on the Westerdam is without question the high-rent district of the ship. This is where all the suites and penthouse category cabins are located. Given that this is where the high-dollar cabins are, this is also where the best cabin stewards are usually assigned. Cruisers may want to consider reserving near this area because staff service is likely to be excellent! Some of the best cabins on the Westerdam are on Rotterdam Deck!

  • The two Penthouse Suites on Deck 7 of the Westerdam are among the largest in the Holland America fleet!
  • The only interior staterooms in the upscale neighborhood on the Westerdam's Deck 7 are J7149, J7051, and J7055. These are just across the hall from excellent staff service.
  • Of the Deluxe Verandah Suites on the Westerdam's Deck 7, SB7088 and SB7093 are oddly shaped and a bit roomier than the others.
  • Aft on Deck 7 of the Westerdam, Deluxe Verandah Suites SB7142 and BSB7151 have heavenly ocean views.
  • Also aft on the Westerdam's Deck 7, Veranda Staterooms with best views (and less windy verandahs) are VA7140, VA7138, VA7136, VA7145, VA7147, and VA7149.

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Deck 8 -- Navigation Deck

Navigation Deck on the Westerdam features several Superior Verandah Suites, and all exterior accommodations have Verandahs. However, Lido Deck is just above, so there could be a noise factor to consider from the Lido pool areas, such as scraping when staff move deck chairs for cleaning during off hours, and from the Lido casual dining.

  • On Deck 8 of the Westerdam, A8034-SB8147 may be most affected by Lido noises.
  • Verandah Staterooms VA8031 and VA8032 have wheelchair accessibility on the Westerdam's Navigation Deck.
  • Inside cabins I8037, I8041, I8045, and I8049 are more spacious than average on the Westerdam's Deck 8.
    Of the Superior Verandah Suites, SY8094 and SY8099 are oddly shaped and boast a bit more room on the Navigation Deck of the Westerdam.
  • Aft on the Westerdam's Navigation Deck, Deluxe Verandah Suites SB8140 and SB8147 have superb ocean views.
  • Best views from a Verandah Stateroom can be had aft from VA8138, VA8136, VA8134, VA8141, VA8143, and VA8145 on the Westerdam's Deck 8!

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