Picking the Best Cabins on the Rotterdam

A deck-by-deck analysis of the Rotterdam's best and worst cabins.

Looking for the best cabins on the Rotterdam? Want to find the cabin with a little larger balcony than most? And what about staying away from undesirable cabins on the Rotterdam? How do you avoid the worst cabins on the Rotterdam?

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Rotterdam Best & Worst Staterooms: Summary

Best Cabins onboard the Rotterdam: staterooms on Deck 7 --the Navigation Deck. Deck 2 also has very nice staterooms.

Cabins to wary of onboard the Rotterdam: staterooms on Deck 6-Verandah Deck.

Deck-by-Deck Breakdown of the Best and Worst Cabins onboard the Rotterdam

Deck 1 -- Dolphin Deck

Cabins on Deck 1 of the Rotterdam have cabins above them -- this means that they are typically quieter compared to cabins beneath the disco or sunbathing areas (the noise of moving deck chairs late at night / early in the AM).

  • Cabins F1920- FF1956 and F1907 -FF1943 (toward the stern / rear of the Rotterdam) may notice a bit of propeller vibration on Dolphin Deck.
  • Forward cabins H1804 and H1805 are wheelchair accessible on the Rotterdam's Deck 1.
  • MM1930 and MM1917 are by elevators and likely noisier than other cabins on Deck 1 of the Rotterdam.
  • Cabins FF1956 and MM1943 are wheelchair accessible on the Rotterdam's Dolphin Deck.

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Deck 2 -- Main Deck

Deck 2 of the Rotterdam is going to be relatively quiet because the decks just above and beneath are also cabin decks. Exterior cabins are ocean view staterooms, beginning with E2520 more forward on this ship to E2709, and have porthole views which are quite lovely!

  • Interior cabins K2554 and K2555 are wheelchair accessible on the Rotterdam's Main Deck.
  • Inside cabins L2660 and L2661 are next to elevators and may be noisier than other cabins on Deck 2 of the Rotterdam.
  • Aft on the Rotterdam's Deck 2, G2704, G2707, and G2711 have windows rather than portholes, and have beautiful views of the ocean.

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Deck 3 -- Lower Promenade

Deck 3 on the Rotterdam is right beneath several major public areas on the ship, such as the main dining rooms and the stage. However, given the operating hours of the venues, these are times when most people are out of their cabins so this shouldn't present a concern. CA designates the Lanai staterooms on this deck, each of which have sliding glass doors for a quick stroll on the deck!

  • Cabins CA3328, CA3331, A3333, C3335, C3337 and C3330 are closest to the atrium and may be noisier on the Rotterdam's Lower Promenade Deck.
  • Aft on Deck 3 of the Rotterdam, D3437 is wheelchair accessible, and has great ocean views.

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Deck 6 -- Verandah Deck

***CruiseAdvice.org Warning***

Some cabins on this deck with potential problems

Along the entire Verandah Deck, be aware that the main drag of the Rotterdam is right beneath your feet -- including some areas that stay fairly noisy into the wee hours. This includes the Stage, Bars, Shops, Casino, and aft main dining room.

  • Arguably, any cabin numbers from the middle of the ship to the aft of the ship (cabins A6130-B6198) might have significant noise coming from the late night action below. While we are not discouraging you from reserving a cabin on this deck, some of the worst cabins on the Rotterdam are on Verandah Deck! If you are a light sleeper, you may prefer a cabin elsewhere on the ship, or bring earplugs. You may also think about investing in a wave machine (a sound device available at a specialty retailer like Brookstone -- produces pleasant sounds that can wipe out the unpleasant sounds).
  • On the Holland America ms Rotterdam, Spa staterooms and suites are to be had forward on the Verandah Deck. Cabins CQ6102, CQ6100, and CQ6104 are larger interior Spa grade accommodations. Exterior Spa staterooms are BQ6106 through BQ6124 Port side, and BQ6101 through BQ6119 Starboard. Spa staterooms and suites feature spa amenities, which include an iPod docking station, an in-room countertop water feature, and yoga mats. Exclusive spa treatments are also available.
  • If booking a Spa stateroom or suite on Deck 6, ask in advance about the smoking policy on the Rotterdam. Spa cabins are relatively new to Holland America, and it will be to your advantage to know of any changes in their general policy before booking Spa grade accommodations.
  • Each of these Veranda Suites, A6229, A6227, A6225, A6223, A6234, A6236, and A6238, feature 295 sq ft. including each  verandah and boast the highly sought aft ocean view! 

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Deck 7 -- Navigation Deck

***CruiseAdvice.org Favorite Deck ***
Highly rated by our cruise experts!

The Navigation deck is without question the high-rent district of the ship. This is where all the suites and penthouse category cabins are located. Navigation Deck is directly below Lido Deck, however. Given that this is where the high-dollar cabins are, this is also where the best cabin stewards are usually assigned. While there are no interior cabins in the penthouse district, aft on this deck, there are verandah suites nearby the deluxe verandah accommodations which are in the posh zone. Cruisers may want to consider reserving in this area because staff service is likely to be excellent! Some of the best cabins on the Rotterdam are on Navigation Deck!

  • Among the Verandah category cabins on Deck 7 of the Rotterdam, suites A7076, A7074, A7072, A7070, A7061, A7063, A7065, and A 7067 aft of the ship have the highly sought-after rear-facing views (where you typically don't have to worry about the balcony being too windy).
  • Cabins located midship on Deck 7 of the Rotterdam (S7006 through S7041) may sustain noises from the Lido activities including the pool area, especially when staff are moving deck chairs for cleaning during off hours.

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