Picking the Best Cabins on the Carnival Triumph

A deck-by-deck analysis of the Carnival Triumph's best and worst cabins.

Looking for the best cabins on the Carnival Triumph? Want to find the cabin with a little larger balcony than most? And what about staying away from undesirable cabins on the Carnival Triumph? How do you avoid the worst cabins on the Carnival Triumph?

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Carnival Triumph Best & Worst Staterooms: Summary

Best Cabins onboard the Carnival Triumph: staterooms on Deck 7 --the Empress Deck.

Cabins to be wary of onboard the Carnival Triumph: staterooms on Deck 6-the Upper Deck.

Deck-by-Deck Breakdown of the Best and Worst Cabins onboard the Carnival Triumph

Deck 1 -- Riviera Deck

Cabins on Deck 1 of the Carnival Triumph have cabins above them -- this means that they are typically quieter compared to cabins beneath the disco or sunbathing areas (the noise of moving deck chairs late at night / early in the AM).

  • On the Riviera Deck, cabins 1402-1437 (in the stern / rear of the ship) may notice a bit of propeller vibration. If you are looking for an Ocean View Stateroom, other Carnival Triumph decks that will not include propeller vibration. Past guests of 1456 have indicated that the vibration issue was extremely uncomfortable.
  • Cabins 1402 and 1405 are next to elevators and hence could be a bit noisier than other cabins on this deck.

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Deck 2 -- Main Deck

Deck 2 of the Carnival Triumph is right beneath several major public areas on the ship, such as the main dining rooms and the main lounge. However, given the operating hours of the venues, these are times when most people are out of their cabins so this shouldn't present a concern.

  • The exterior cabins in the aft of the Triumph's  Deck 2  (2455-2463) all have unique aft-facing views that are quite picturesque. 
  • Outside cabins aft of the ship (2452, 2453, 2456, & 2457) are odd shaped and likely more spacious than standard sized staterooms on Deck 2 of the Triumph.
  • Forward on this deck, cabins 2201 & 2202 are also roomier than average.

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Deck 6 -- Upper Deck

***CruiseAdvice.org Warning***

Some cabins on this deck with potential problems

Along this entire deck, be aware that the main drag of the ship is right beneath your feet -- including some areas that stay fairly noisy into the wee hours. This includes the stage, lounges and bars, dance club, and casino on the Carnival Triumph.

  • Arguably, any cabin numbers from the middle of the ship to the aft of the ship (cabins 6396-6467) might have significant noise coming from the late night action below. While we are not shunning this deck, some of the worst cabins are on Deck 6 of he Carnival Triumph! If you are light sleeper, you may prefer a cabin elsewhere on the ship, or bring earplugs. You may also consider investing in a wave machine (a sound device available at a specialty retailer like Brookstone -- produces pleasant sounds that can wipe out the unpleasant sounds). 
  • Balcony Cabins 6201-6205 all have unique forward facing views, 
  • On the Triumph's Upper Deck, Balcony Cabins 6207 and 6208 are slightly larger than average balcony cabins. 
  • The Balcony category cabins in the rear of the Upper Deck of the Triumph (6436, 6438, 6440, 6467, 6465, and 6463) all have either over-sized balconies or the highly sought-after rear-facing views (where you typically don't have to worry about the balcony being too windy).
  • Inside cabins 6402 and 6429 are right by elevators and may be noisier.
  • Staterooms 6434 and 6461 have the largest balconies to be had on the Upper Deck of the Carnival Triumph!

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Deck 7 -- Empress Deck

***CruiseAdvice.org Favorite Deck ***
Highly rated by our cruise experts!

The Empress deck is without question the high-rent district of the ship. This is where all the suites and penthouse category cabins are located. There is also at least one deck of buffer both above and below this deck, so noise tends not to be an issue from common areas. Given that this is where the high-dollar cabins are, this is also where the best cabin stewards are usually assigned. So, if your budget only affords you an inside cabin, reserving one right across from a penthouse might be a very wise investment! Some of the best cabins on the Carnival Triumph are on the Empress Deck!

  • Interior cabins 7276-7332 port side, and 7277-7335 starboard share hall space with Ocean View Balcony Suites and Grand Balcony Suites on the Triumph's Deck 7.
  • If you love your balcony space, 7422 and 7425 aft on this deck come with spacious extended balconies on the Empress Deck of the Triumph.

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Deck 8 -- Verandah Deck

The Carnival Triumph's Veranda Deck should be considered in two sections. One has cabins on the deck above it, and the other one has the pool, sunbathing, and dining area above it.

  • On the Triumph, the quieter areas are cabins 8201-8257 on the forward part of the Verandah Deck, which has cabins on the deck above it. 
  • If you're in one of the Triumph's Verandah Deck cabins in the aft sections, you can occasionally hear the scraping of deck chairs being rearranged above you on Lido deck. This is not a problem during the daytime hours, but it can awaken light sleepers after midnight until 6 AM when the crew is cleaning the Lido deck public spaces. Once again, we suggest you may prefer to find a cabin elsewhere on the ship, or, bring earplugs or a wave machine. 
  • Balcony category cabins 8422 and 8427 have extended balconies, and staterooms 8428 and 8433 have the largest balconies on this on the Triumph's Verandah Deck.
  • We do suggest that cabins 8404 and 8407 be avoided should you not prefer to be right by an elevator.

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Deck 9 -- Lido Deck

Cabins on the Lido Deck of the Carnival Triumph are close to the pool and casual eateries. They are also of interest because they have no public areas above or below them.

  • While there are doors to suppress the sound from the pool area, cabins 9293 and 9294 are a bit close to the pool area and you may prefer to move farther forward on the Lido Deck of the Triumph. 
  • The Triumph's Deck 9 Balcony Suite Cabins 9206 and 9205 are slightly larger than average and feature forward facing views. Except when there is a tailwind, forward facing balconies are usually very breezy when the ship is under way.  
  • 9201 receives great reviews for its balcony view, and its large window. According to guests, it is easy to get to the Lido pool from this cabin, but it is far enough away to give you peace and quiet.

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Deck 10 -- Panorama Deck

Cabins on the Carnival Triumph's Panorama Deck are close to the pool, spa & gym facilities. There are no public areas below these cabins, but several of the Panorama Deck cabins are beneath the gym facilities.

  • Generally, this should not be viewed as a problem. If there is loud music, it is generally during hours when people are less likely to be in their cabins. If you are concerned about this, you might prefer to stay away from cabins 1001 through 1053 on the Triumph's Panorama Deck.
  • While there are doors to suppress the sound from the pool area, cabins 1066-1067 are a bit close to the pool area. You may want to locate a cabin more forward on the Panorama Deck of the Carnival Triumph.

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Deck 11 -- Spa Deck

The key feature of these cabins is that they are steps away from Spa Carnival. While the Camp Carnival Youth Program is one deck above, the facilities are above the gym and shouldn't present any problems for those in cabins on the Triumph's Spa Deck.

  • The cabins on this deck are the likely candidates to be designated as "Spa Cabins. These cabins are strictly non-smoking and there is a $250 cleaning fee assessed if cabin staff notice the smell of smoking in your room.
  • Cabin 1102 is adjacent to Camp Carnival which may be great for a family with children, but perhaps not everyone's first choice on Spa Deck of the Carnival Triumph.  Past guests in cabin 1110 have described concerns with privacy and noise. People observing the ocean just a deck above the balcony of cabin 1110 definitely decreased that feeling of privacy, and noise as people dropped off or picked up their children from nearby Camp Carnival was distracting. Port side cabins on this deck may have these issues.

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