Picking the Best Cabins on the Carnival Spirit

A deck-by-deck analysis of the Carnival Spirit's best and worst cabins.

Looking for the best cabins on the Carnival Spirit? Want to find the cabin with a little larger balcony than most? And what about staying away from undesirable cabins on the Carnival Spirit? How do you avoid the worst cabins on the Carnival Spirit?

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Carnival Spirit Best & Worst Staterooms: Summary

Best Cabins onboard the Carnival Spirit: staterooms on Deck 6--the Empress Deck. Decks 5 and 7 also have very good cabins.

Cabins to be wary of onboard the Carnival Spirit: stateroom on Deck 1-the Riviera Deck.

Deck-by-Deck Breakdown of the Best and Worst Cabins onboard the Carnival Spirit

Deck 1 -- Riviera Deck

***CruiseAdvice.org Warning***

Some cabins on this deck with potential problems

Cabins on the Riviera Deck  of the Carnival Spirit may have some noise concerns because Promenade Deck is directly above. From the clubs and casinos to the aft main dining room, it will be possible to hear the stirrings of humanity up there having fun. However, for the most part this will be occurring when most people are out and about. While we are not suggesting this deck should be completely avoided, some of the worst cabins on the Carnival Spirit are on the Riviera Deck! If you are light sleeper, you may prefer a cabin elsewhere, or bring earplugs. You may also consider investing in a wave machine (a sound device available at a specialty retailer like Brookstone -- produces pleasant sounds that can wipe out the unpleasant sounds). 

  • Cabins 1101 and 1102 on the Spirit's Riviera Deck are nearby the stairs and elevators by the forward lounge area, so your noise factor may be increased.
  • Aft inside cabin 1263 and outside cabin 1265 are nearby the Spirit's galley on Deck 1. This may not pose too much of a concern at night, but could be a noise problem in the early morning hours.
  • Aft on Deck 1 of the Spirit, cabin 1240 is close to the dance club. While this might not be a problem for some, there will likely be a bit of party noise to contend with for guests in this cabin.

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Deck 4 -- Main Deck

Deck 4 of the Carnival Spirit is right above several major public areas on the ship, such as the main dining rooms and the main lounge. However, given the operating hours of the venues, these are times when most people are out of their cabins so this shouldn't present a concern.

  • On the Carnival Spirit's Main Deck, balcony cabins are 4156-4186 and 4204-4224 port side, and 4157 through 4187 and 4209 through 4231 starboard.
  • Aft  on Deck 4 of the Spirit, Junior Suites 4226 and 4235 are roomier than standard cabins.
  • Extended balcony staterooms are 4228 and 4237 on Deck 4 of the Spirit. Both are quite spacious and include Carnival's V.I.P. check-in.
  • Cabins with obstructed views are 4106-4154 and 4188-4202 port side, and cabins 4105-4155 and 4189-4207 starboard.
  • Cabins 4203 and 4205 are right by elevators and are most likely going to be a bit noisy on Deck 4 of the Carnival Spirit.

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Deck 5 -- Upper Deck

On the Carnival Spirit, Upper Deck cabins are advantageous because the decks just above and beneath only have cabins. The normal noises you would anticipate on a cruise ship are thus buffered. While this is not a high rent section of the Carnival Spirit, it is certainly a place where you will find a bit of peace and quiet after a long day of fun.

  • Forward on the Upper Deck of the Spirit, inside cabins 5102 and 5101 are next to Camp Carnival. While this could be handy for parents traveling with children, these cabins may not be preferable for solo cruisers.
  • You'll find extended balcony cabins from 5108-5130 port side, and 5107-5131 starboard on Deck 5 of the Spirit.
  • Aft on the Spirit's Upper Deck, balcony cabins are 5240-5262 port side and 5143-5245 starboard.
  • Aft cabins 5264 and 5293 are quite roomy.
  • Prime Vista Suites on the Spirit's Upper Deck are staterooms 5266 and 5295. Both feature extended balconies.
  • The Balcony category cabins in the rear of Deck 5 on the Spirit all have highly sought-after rear-facing views (where you typically don't have to worry about the balcony being too windy).
  • Cabins with obstructed views are 5142-5238 port side, and 5143-5245 starboard.
  • On the Upper Deck of the Carnival Spirit, cabins 5241 and 5248 are larger than average, but are next to elevators and hence could be a bit noisy during high traffic times on your cruise.

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Deck 6 -- Empress Deck

***CruiseAdvice.org Favorite Deck ***
Highly rated by our cruise experts!

The Empress deck is without question the high-rent district of the ship. This is where the Grand Suites (penthouse category cabins) are located. There is also at least one deck of buffer both above and below this deck, so noise tends not to be an issue from common areas. Given that this is where the high-dollar cabins are, this is also where the best cabin stewards are usually assigned. So, if your budget only affords you an inside cabin, reserving one right across from a penthouse might be a very wise investment! Some of the best cabins on the Carnival Spirit are on the Empress Deck!

  • Vista Suites 6260 and 6329 feature extended balconies on Deck 6 of the Spirit.
  • Inside cabins 6159 through 6211 are small, but do share hall space with Grand Suites and Ocean Suites on the Carnival Spirit's Empress Deck.
  • Interior stateroom 6201 receives great guest reviews. Except for a gentle rumbling noise from the engine, this cabin was rated as very quiet. Also, both room service and guest services were highly rated.

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Deck 7 -- Verandah Deck

The Verandah Deck on the Carnival Spirit also has the advantage of having only cabins on the decks just below and beneath it. As mentioned, this does help muffle ship sounds in heavily trafficked areas.

  • Cabins 7298 and 7347 have extended balconies and extra space on Deck 7 of the Carnival Spirit.
  • Port side, cabins 7258 and 7260 have larger than average balcony space.
  • On the Verandah Deck of the Spirit, extended balcony cabins on Verandah Deck include 7246-7260 and 7258-7260 port side, and 7157-7237 and 7277-7303 starboard.
  • Once again, there are a couple of cabins right next to elevators (and they could be noisy). These are cabins 7299 and 7301 on Deck 7 of the Spirit.

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Deck 8 -- Panorama Deck

Panorama Deck on the Carnival Spirit does have Lido directly above it, so there will likely be noise from Lido dining areas as well as the scraping of deck chairs as they are moved about when staff are cleaning. Once again, we suggest earplugs or a wave machine for light sleepers.

  • On Deck 8 of the Spirit, extended balcony cabins are 8138-8186 and 8220-8234 port side, and 8131-8185 and 8221-8239 starboard. Cabin 8271 received positive guest reviews; a slight rolling was noted but there were no noise issues.
  • Aft, prime cabin space and the largest balconies on the Spirit's Panorama Deck are to be had from cabins 8268 and 8273.
  • Cabins 8235 and 8237 are next to elevators and likely to have noise issues. 

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