Emerald Princess Pool and Sunbathing

The Emerald Princess has 4 pools that are strategically located throughout the ship. All pools are filled with freshwater. The "Calypso Reef and Pool" is located on Deck 15 (Lido) Aft Midship, and boasts a 300 square foot Movie screen with movies shown throughout the day and evening. The Calypso has two adjoining whirlpools.

Located also on Deck 15 (Lido) Fwd Midship is the "Neptune Reef Pool," which is adjacent to the pizzeria. It also has two whirlpools adjacent and is about the same depth of the Calypso Pool (approximately five feet in depth).

The "Terrace Pool" is located on Deck 14 (Riviera) Aft, and is a good place to get away from the crowds. This pool is not as big as the others, and is designed more for relaxing than swimming.

The little kids have a "Paddling Pool," located adjacent to the Youth Center on Deck 17 (Sports) Aft. In addition, teens have a small pool called "Chill Out," which is adjacent to the Teen Center also on Deck 17 (Sports) Aft.

The "adults only" pool is the "Lotus Pool," and it is located also on Deck 16 (Sun) Fwd. There is also an adults only relaxation area known as the "Sanctuary." The "Sanctuary" is the choice for peace and quiet for adults only. Shaded lounge chairs are thickly padded for your comfort, and "Serenity Stewards" provide soft plush towels, smoothies, and MP3 players pre-loaded with songs with various themes that lend to the tranquil experience. The "Sanctuary" is located one deck up on Deck 17 (Sports) Fwd.

Emerald Princess Pool and Sunbathing Tips:

  • When arriving in the pool area, you will need to sign-out a towel. There will be a $22 charge per towel to your onboard account for each towel you fail to return. These are sturdy towels and if you want to purchase one, you can from the order form in your room.
  • Babies & Infants in Pools: Princess's official policy is "no swim diapers, children must be potty trained." Princess stresses this point to all the families that bring their kids. We have not heard reports on whether or not the policy is strictly enforced.
  • While Princess does its best to discourage this, sunbathers do show-up at 8 AM and try to hog the lounge chairs for the day.
  • The "Sanctuary" is not free. It costs $10 per person for a half day and $20 dollars for a full day.
  • Headphones are a must if a movie is playing in the "Calypso Pool". Ask your "Serenity Steward" for details. The $10 USD fee for each half day block of time in the Sanctuary does cover the cost of MP3 Players.
  • There's free popcorn at the "Calypso Pool" during the movie.

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