Picking the Best Cabins on the Norwegian Sun

A deck-by-deck analysis of the Norwegian Sun's best and worst cabins.

Looking for the best cabins on the Norwegian Sun? Want to find the cabin with a little larger balcony than most? And what about staying away from undesirable cabins on the Norwegian Sun? How do you avoid the worst cabins on the Norwegian Sun?

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Norwegian Sun Best & Worst Staterooms: Summary
Best Cabins onboard the Norwegian Sun: staterooms on Deck 9 - Fjord Deck.
Cabins to be wary of onboard the Norwegian Sun: stateroom on Decks 7 and 8 - International Deck and Viking Deck.

Deck-by-Deck Breakdown of the Best and Worst Cabins onboard the Norwegian Sun

Deck 4

Biscayne Deck on the Norwegian Sun has cabins above on Atlantic Deck in the forward section. This creates a nice buffer from the noises public areas can generate. However, since the deck above does not feature late night venues such as the casino and bars, those staterooms with public areas above them will not have much of an noise issue during the day, and certainly not at night.

  • Forward, Oceanview Staterooms 4001- 4013 port side, 4201- 4213 starboard, and interior cabins 4101- 4104 and 4301- 4304 do have cabins above them. These could be quieter cabins as a result. However, all of the interior cabins are either by the stairwell or elevators which could mean a noise concern. These are the least preferred of interior staterooms on Biscayne Deck of the Norwegian Sun. Also, 4253 is very close to the engine room, so noise is a concern.
  • The rest of the staterooms on Deck 4 of the Sun are under public areas, including a cafe and two restaurants, so there could be noise during dining hours and during the clean-up after each meal. For dinner, the last diners usually exit by 10:30 and there is likely to some noise from the clean-up (vacuum cleaners) as late as 11:30. Given that most people don't get back to their cabins to after 11 PM, this shouldn't be a substantial issue. Breakfast typically starts in the main dining room at 7:00 AM, so, you might hear some noise above starting then. However, few people go to the main dining room for breakfast, so, this should not be a major issue.

Deck 5

Deck 5 staterooms on the Norwegian Sun are all situated forward, and most have cabins above and beneath which filter out noise from public areas. Generally, this is going to be a quieter area for all of the staterooms.

  • Deck 5 is right beneath several major public areas on the Norwegian Sun, including the casino and the smaller main dining room. This could mean some noise issues for a select group of cabins. How staterooms are situated on Deck 5 reflects Norwegian Cruise Lines careful consideration of potential noise issues. For example, most cabins on Deck 5 are not under high traffic venues which are open into the wee hours. It is, consequently, possible to locate a quieter stateroom on Deck 5 of the Norwegian Sun with some planning!
  • Most forward on Deck 5 of the Norwegian Sun, Oceanview Staterooms 5001- 5009 port side, 5201- 5209 starboard, and interior cabins 5101- 5103 are under the cabin section of Atlantic Deck.
    Inside cabins 5101- 5103 are either by elevators or stairwells, and could have noise issues. If you're looking for an interior stateroom, you'll probable be happier with one on another deck of the Norwegian Sun.
  • Exterior cabins 5012, 5013, 5212, and 5213 are Superior Oceanview Staterooms and are a bit more spacious than standard.

Deck 6

Promenade Deck of the Norwegian Sun also has all staterooms in the forward section. These cabins have the benefit of staterooms above and beneath, which helps assure peace and quiet.

  • There are only 19 cabins on this deck, and all are ocean view staterooms.
  • Ocean View Stateroom 6009 is much roomier than the others on Promenade Deck of the Norwegian Sun.

Deck 6a

Oslo Deck, grouped with Promenade Deck cabins, is actually tucked between Decks 6 and 7 on the Norwegian Sun. Once again, staterooms above and below Oslo Deck will help insure that accommodations here are quieter.

  • Please note that this deck does not have direct access to elevators, and this could be a difficulty for persons with walking concerns and for persons who use wheelchairs.
  • The inside cabins (6101- 6109 and 6301- 6311) on the Oslo Deck of the Norwegian Sun are average in size, but very well situated. These are worth consideration if an inside cabin is your preference.
  • The rest of the cabins on the Oslo Deck of the Sun are ocean view staterooms (6010- 6024 and 6211- 6225).

Deck 7

***CruiseAdvice.org Warning ***
Some cabins on this deck with potential problems.

The majority of staterooms on the International Deck of the Norwegian Sun are going to be relatively quiet because, once more, there are cabins on the decks above and beneath. However, adult travelers seeking a bit of peace and quiet during the day need to know that there's a teen center and a children's area most forward on this deck.

  • On the Norwegian Sun's Deck 7, inside cabins 7101- 7105 and 7301- 7305 might be perfect for parents traveling with teenaged children because these cabins are right next to the teen center. Because this center has disco music and is likely open at night, light sleepers may want to look for another stateroom elsewhere, bring along earplugs, or invest in a wave machine (a sound device available at a specialty retailer like Brookstone -- produces pleasant sounds that can wipe out the unpleasant sounds).
  • Interior cabins 7101 and 7301 are also across the hall from the children's center. This is likely not much of a late night noise concern, and may be perfect for parents of young children!
  • While we are not suggesting this deck be avoided, the staterooms just mentioned could be among the worst cabins on the Norwegian Sun's Deck 7 for some travelers. There are other quieter inside cabins (7106- 7112 and 7306- 7315) on the International Deck.
  • All exterior cabins on the International Deck of the Norwegian Sun (7001- 7014 port side and 7201- 7214 starboard) are Oceanview Staterooms.

Deck 8

***CruiseAdvice.org Warning ***
Some cabins on this deck with potential problems.

Along most of this deck, you should be aware that the main drag of the Norwegian Sun is right beneath your cabin. The venues below that could cause some noise issues are the Teen Center, the casino and bars, and the aft theater.

  • Forward, Penthouse Suites 8001 and 8201, Deluxe Inside Staterooms 8102, 8103, 8302, and 8303, and interior cabins 8101 and 8301 are all generally over the Teen Center on the Norwegian Sun. While this is likely not a concern into the wee hours, there could be some late night noise issues as this center also has a disco.
  • On the Viking Deck of the Sun, there are several cabins over the midship casino and bar, where there could be some late night noise concerns. These are exterior staterooms 8024- 8047 port side, 8224- 8247 starboard, and interior cabins 8114- 8124 and 8316- 8326. Again, if you are a light sleeper, you may want to look for another stateroom elsewhere, bring along earplugs, or invest in a wave machine.
  • Staterooms over the aft theater are 8065- 8075 port side, 8265- 8275 starboard, and interior cabins 8131- 8136, and 8334- 8339. This will likely not be a concern late at night, but travelers in these staterooms might hear some noise during performances, as well as before and after shows when staff are either preparing for or cleaning up following a show.
  • While we are not suggesting this deck be avoided, some of the worst cabins are on the Viking Deck of the Norwegian Sun. We do suggest you look for other, quieter cabins on this or other decks.
  • Best locations for balcony staterooms on Deck 8 of the Norwegian Sun are 8018- 8023 and 8048- 8064 port side and 8218- 8223 and 8248- 8264 starboard.
  • Forward, with 504 sq. ft., two Romance Suites (8003 and 8203) are the most spacious of the suites on Deck 8 of the Norwegian Sun. We do advice, however, that views from these balconies are probably going to be breezy unless there's a tailwind.
  • Between the Romance Suites on Deck 8 of the Sun, four Penthouse Suites (8002, 8001, 8201, and 8202) have up to 497 sq. ft. each. Again, balcony views from here are likely going to be windy.
  • Balcony staterooms 8018, 8019, 8218, and 8219 are more spacious than standard and are among the quieter cabins on Deck 8 of the Norwegian Sun.
  • Aft on the Viking Deck of the Norwegian Sun, Penthouse Suites 8077 and 8277 are superbly located for incredible (less breezy) ocean views.
  • Also aft are two Mini-Suites (8079 and 8279), each with 322 sq. ft. of space. These will have that beautiful ocean view as well!
  • Tucked between the Penthouse Suites and Mini-Suites, two balcony staterooms (8078 and 8278) have that highly sought aft view of the ocean on the Norwegian Sun's Deck 8!

Deck 9

***CruiseAdvice.org Favorite Deck ***
Highly rated by our cruise experts!

The Fjord Deck of the Norwegian Sun has the added advantage of cabin decks above and beneath which filter out noise public areas can generate! Of the decks with luxurious Penthouse Suites, Deck 9 is likely going to be quieter. Also, if you're looking for your choice of balcony cabins or inside staterooms, you've found a great deck! Some of the best cabins on the Norwegian Sun are generally onboard Deck 9.

  • Forward on the Norwegian Sun, Penthouse Suites 9001- 9003 and 9201- 9203 offer spacious accommodations on Deck 9. However, unless there's a tailwind, balcony views from this vantage point are going to be breezy!
  • Inside cabins 9108 and 9311 are among the large Superior Inside Staterooms which have over 190 sq. ft. of room each. We do suggest you can find the same accommodations elsewhere on Deck 9 of the Sun because these two cabins are right by the stairwell and could have noise issues.
  • Other inside cabins to think twice about are 9108, 9120, 9122, 9124, 9312, 9373, 9315, 9317, and 9332. These are all located by elevators and could have noise issues.
  • Deck 9 of the Sun features balcony staterooms port side (9013- 9075) and starboard (9213- 9275).
  • Aft, there are four Penthouse Suites (9076, 9276, 9078, and 9278), and all of them have that majestic (less breezy) view of the ocean.
  • Balcony staterooms 9077 and 9277 are located between the aft Penthouse Suites and have that highly sought view of the ocean!

Deck 10

The Norwegian Sun's Deck 10 is located beneath the Pool Deck on the Norwegian Sun, which could be a great place for a stateroom for those who plan on sunbathing and enjoying casual dining. However, there could be some noise issues for some staterooms on this deck, so it's worth your while to carefully look over cabins on this deck.

  • Some of the best cabins on the Norway Deck of the Norwegian Sun are located most forward.
  • Exterior staterooms 0001- 0006 port side, 0201- 0206 starboard, and inside cabins 0301- 0303 have cabins above and beneath which helps buffer noises from public areas. These are probably the most quiet of the cabins on the Sun's Norway Deck.
  • Midship on Deck 10 of the Norwegian Sun, exterior staterooms 0019- 0031 port side, 0219- 0231 starboard, and inside cabins 0112, 0311, 0113- 0117 are all under the pool area. There could be noises at night, such as the scraping of deck chairs as staff clean after hours.
  • Least preferred exterior cabins on Deck 10 of the Norwegian Sun are 0042- 0061 port side because these are all under a popular bar area, and there could be noise issues very late at night.
  • Aft, staterooms and suites 0040- 0067 port side and 0240- 0267 starboard are under public venues which include the very popular casual restaurants. This will affect aft inside cabins in this section the most, so we do suggest looking for an interior stateroom elsewhere.
  • Aft on Deck 10 of the Norwegian Sun, Penthouse Suites 0065, 0067, 0267, and 0265 have that majestic (less breezy) ocean view.
  • Between the Penthouse Suites, balcony staterooms 0066 and 0266 also have that beautiful (less breezy) view of the ocean.

Deck 11

The Pool Deck of the Norwegian Sun has two of the most luxurious suites on this ship. With the exception of two forward balcony staterooms (1002 and 1202), all of the rest of the accommodations are 322 sq. ft. mini-suites!

  • Including luxury suites, 1001- 1009 port side and 1201- 1209 are under the Observation Deck which does become a disco at night. This might present a noise concern.
  • Forward on Deck 11 of the Norwegian Sun, the Owner's Suites (1003 and 1203) are extremely spacious with 828 sq. ft. each!
  • There are several Mini-Suites port side (1004- 1015) and starboard (1204- 1215) on Deck11 of the Norwegian Sun. Each has 322 sq. ft. including balcony space!

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